CEF Blockchain Bootcamp: Community Outreach

CEF Blockchain Bootcamp: Community Outreach

The Game has Changed

Crypto Assets have changed the finance/venture/startup world as we know it.  Companies are raising 100’s of millions of dollars in hours/days. Tens of millions in minutes. More than 2.1B in 2017 alone.

In this session we will discuss the what, the how, and the why.

Please read this <www.cefund.io> before the session.

Questions that will be answered during the community outreach meet-up:

•  What is Blockchain?

•  Why are so many people talking about Bitcoin?

•  What is CEF?

•  How do we participate?

•  What is the relationship between CEF and WBF/BWF/IFF?

•  Is Crypto Endowment Fund the right path for my portfolio?

If you’re a crypto enthusiast in KL or MY that is thinking of or have started building your portfolios on crypto assets, please PM us your details, and we will send you a personal invitation for the event.

Or you may find more information from the official website, www.cefund.ioFacebookMeetup

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The First Mega Bitcoinomics Talk Show of 2017

More to come?
Hopefully so as China seems to be taking a harder stance whenever the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed.
Bitcoinomics Talk Show will build a stronger and mature market foundation that will support its growth.

The first mega Bitcoinomics Talk Show of 2017 was successfully held in Macau yesterday.

World Blockchain Foundation would like to thank Sec-Gen of DACA Prof. Han, Thomas Glucksmann of Gatecoin, Virgilio Lizardo of BitBank, Jack Liao of Lightning Asic and singer of the Bitcoin song ZhangZhang for their stellar performance that perfected the talk show.

2017年首场大型公开《加密财富风暴演说秀》圆满完成。主办方世界区块链基金会在此鸣谢DACA秘书长韩锋老师、Gatecoin市场总监Thomas Glucksmann、Bitbank国际市场总监Virgilio Lizardo、闪电矿机廖翔和比特币原唱张张共襄盛举。

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Bitcoinomics Talk Show – Macau

First ever and biggest blockchain talk show!
Alien’s technology in human language understandable by man on the street.
Some blame the uncontrollable rise of bitcoin on it, some say it’s the best way to learn about bitcoin, blockchain and smart contracts.
One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be the most entertaining one!

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