CEF Blockchain Bootcamp: Community Outreach

CEF Blockchain Bootcamp: Community Outreach

The Game has Changed

Crypto Assets have changed the finance/venture/startup world as we know it.  Companies are raising 100’s of millions of dollars in hours/days. Tens of millions in minutes. More than 2.1B in 2017 alone.

In this session we will discuss the what, the how, and the why.

Please read this <www.cefund.io> before the session.

Questions that will be answered during the community outreach meet-up:

•  What is Blockchain?

•  Why are so many people talking about Bitcoin?

•  What is CEF?

•  How do we participate?

•  What is the relationship between CEF and WBF/BWF/IFF?

•  Is Crypto Endowment Fund the right path for my portfolio?

If you’re a crypto enthusiast in KL or MY that is thinking of or have started building your portfolios on crypto assets, please PM us your details, and we will send you a personal invitation for the event.

Or you may find more information from the official website, www.cefund.ioFacebookMeetup

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