Malaysia Chosen to hold World’s First Blockchain Technology Development Conference

23 January 2018, Kuala Lumpur: The World Blockchain Foundation (WBF), the organiser of the inaugural Hardcore Uncensored Blockchain 2018 (HUB 2018) has chosen Malaysia to be the first country to hold this blockchain technology development conference.
Aimed at genuine enthusiasts of blockchain, the conference seeks to dispel the myth that blockchain is just a way to create a token to sell for financing purposes. This interactive one-day event, which will be held on 9 March 2018 at Chuai Heng Banquet Hall in Kuala Lumpur, based on the popular ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ concept will showcase advancements in the technology and upcoming groundbreaking projects and Initial Token Sales.
According to Lee Wilson, Founding President of of WBF and Asia’s Blockchain Ambassador, “The development of blockchain is gaining traction in Malaysia and I believe there are many blockchain enthusiasts including start-ups out there that just want the access and the opportunity to learn about the technology without being targeted for Initial Token Sales.”
Lee added, “Hub 2018 presents a platform for genuine enthusiasts to meet up and discuss the premise, purpose and potential of the blockchain projects featured. We hope that through this platform, more likeminded bonafide blockchain projects and teams will be able to showcase their groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas to the world.
The trendiest topic these days is the blockchain. The market is currently constantly bombarded with talk of crypto currencies, token sales, with commercial blockchain events being advertised weekly globally. Yet, how many of these blockchain events truly talk about the technology behind the hype?
“We want to show the world that blockchain technology has many real world use cases and is going to be a part of our daily lives. At HUB2018, attendees will get a chance to discover the story behind the technology, learn and experience how they work and be part of the future”, said Lee.
Hub 2018 will feature 11 exciting new projects from around the globe.
Opened to only 600 attendees, those who are interested to attend the conference can find out more and register via with a registration fee ranging from USD120 to USD380. Registration is opened from now till 2 March 2018 with an early bird special until 15 February 2018. Malaysians registering during this period will enjoy a special ‘homeground’ from RM388.
The conference is jointly organised by Blockchain Zoo and Worldwide Consumers’ Association.
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